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The No-Nonsense Guide to Animal Rights

The No-Nonsense Guide to Animal Rights

November 2006
Trade Paperback · 144 Pages
$11.95 U.S. · €8.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781904456407
New Internationalist


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Today animals need protecting more than ever: those bred for laboratories, zoos, and hunting, and also those reared intensively on farms. And out in the wild, animals are losing their habitats to environmental exploitation.

Dispelling the myth that the protection of animals’ rights is a modern, Western concern, this No-Nonsense Guide to Animal Rights explains the key issues, charts the growth of the animal rights movement, and looks at the welfare and protection laws. And it includes a practical day-to-day guide to what individuals can do to minimize exploitation.

About the Author

Catharine Grant is a writer, historian, and activist based in Toronto, Canada. She currently is completing her doctoral dissertation, which compares Ronald Reagan's and Margaret Thatcher's rhetoric on religion, race, gender and sexuality. She also is involved in various campaigns for animal rights, and social and environmental justice.