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The Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree

June 1998
Trade Paperback · 400 Pages
$18.95 U.S. · €13.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781887178716


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When paleontologist Kathryn Widd is called to the Kenyan wilderness to investigate a set of hominid skull fragments, she little suspects how profoundly the journey will change her life. As she studies the ancient fossils, she becomes intrigued by the tale of a 1908 safari and the British nobleman who died mysteriously near the site of her dig. The further she investigates, the more deeply she is drawn into past lives and a world turned upside down by ancient, mysterious forces of violence.David Lambkin’s darkly erotic novel raises disturbing questions about love, jealousy, and cruelty throughout history, exploring the ancient pull of sexual obsession. With a style that conveys the intense heat and vivid landscape of its African setting, The Hanging Tree sheds light on our deepest instincts and fears.