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We Are an Image from the Future

We Are an Image from the Future

The Greek Revolt of December 2008
April 2010
Trade Paperback · 392 Pages
$17.00 U.S. · $20.50 CAN
ISBN 9781849350198
AK Press


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On December 6, 2008, the city of Athens exploded as people took to the streets to demonstrate their rage over the murder of fifteen-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos, bringing business as usual to a screeching, burning halt for three breathtaking weeks. This is the first book to delve into the Greek December and its aftermath, in the words of those who witnessed and participated in it. Interviews and personal reflections run alongside the communiqués and texts that circulated through the networks of revolt, shedding much-needed light—and dispelling destructive myths—on the real fabric of the Greek Left that made December possible.

About the Authors

A.G. Schwarz: A.G. Schwarz is an assumed name. In real life A.G. is a North American living in exile abroad.

Tasos Sagris: Tasos Sagris is a member of the Void Network—an arts and action collective based in Athens, Greece. His book of poetry, About Human Love in the Western Metropolitan Cities, was published in 2008.

Void Network: The Void Network was established in 1990 in Athens as an arts collective. They fight social apathy by holding multi-media arts shows, festivals, and gatherings in public spaces, underground clubs, art galleries, and autonomous social spaces.