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Hamzat’s Journey

Hamzat’s Journey

A Refugee Diary
February 2010
Hardcover · 32 Pages
$17.95 U.S. · $22.50 CAN
ISBN 9781847800305
Frances Lincoln Children's Books



This third book in the Refugee Diary series follows the story of a boy from Chechnya. In 2001 when Chechens were at war with Russia, he was on his way to school in the capital of Grozny when he stepped on a landmine. His leg had to be amputated, and eventually he and his father went to the U.K. for expert treatment and fitting of an artificial leg. As it was unsafe for them to return to Chechnya, the family sought asylum in the U.K., where the family is learning to adapt to their new life after the horror of living in a war zone. This poignant and at times harrowing story reveals the bravery of Hamzat and his family in facing and overcoming their circumstances to start a new life.

About the Authors

Annemarie Young is an author, publisher and editorial consultant in children's books and primary education. She has lived and travelled all over the world from her original home in Australia and now lives in Cambridge. She has worked with over 100 children's authors and illustrators from all corners of the globe.
Anthony Robinson is an author of children's books and an author, consultant and teacher in English Language Teaching. He has lived and travelled all over the world, from his original home in Australia to Southeast Asia and Europe, from Japan to Edinburgh, and now lives in Cambridge.
June Allan graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1971 with a Diploma specializing in Painting and Glass Design and taught in various secondary schools. In 1999 she ventured into the field of children's book illustration, and since then has illustrated many children's books. June lives in Edinburgh.