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More From Our Own Correspondent

More From Our Own Correspondent

With dispatches from Misha Glenny, John Simpson, Caroline Wyatt, and many more
January 2009
Trade Paperback · 240 Pages
$15.95 U.S. · $15.95 CAN
ISBN 9781846680779
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1955, From Our Own Correspondent has been one of BBC Radio 4's flagship programs. Every week correspondents from around the world report on stories behind the headlines. After the huge success of From Our Own Correspondent, this new companion volume brings more exhilarating dispatches to armchair travellers everywhere.

These dispatches take the reader to the four corners of the earth, from a Maoist wedding to the most dangerous road in the world. Follow the last hitch-hiker in northern France, discover the buffalo mounted police in Brazil, celebrate a home birth in Hungary and get absorbed by saffron in Kashmir. From the boy who lived in a tire to the British troops in Iraq, meet the real people behind the news on this breathtaking journey through the world we live in.

Some of Britain's most celebrated reporters get the opportunity to describe much more than would normally come into a news story: their stories offer a context and a unique insight into history as it unfolds. They have a unique perspective—sometimes transmitted live to the sound of gunfire—and offer an important background to world events.

About the Author

Tony Grant joined the BBC after working in commercial radio and on newspapers in Merseyside. At the BBC he was at Radio 1's Newsbeat before becoming a foreign news editor and then, in 1992, the producer of From Our Own Correspondent. A keen cricketer, he is married to a political correspondent. They have two children.