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Women Strikers Occupy Chain Stores, Win Big

Women Strikers Occupy Chain Stores, Win Big

The 1937 Woolworth’s Sit-Down
July 2012
Format: Saddle-sewn · 60 Pages
$4.95 U.S. · $5.50 CAN · €3.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781608462452
Haymarket Books


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"This sparkling story of intrepid young women is not just a strike narrative of the Great Depression, but echoes down to our own times. Dana Frank is always on the side of those who are willing to fight!" ––Nelson Lichtenstein, Director, Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy at the University of California, Santa Barbara

"Frank does an excellent job of creating articulate arguments out of a complex blend of history, economics, and current events."––Library Journal

Woolworth's was the Walmart of the 1930s. The women were exploited and sexually harassed. This is the exciting story of how they fought back against corporate exploitation and oppression.

About the Author

Dana Frank is a professor of History at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the author of Bananeras: Women Transforming the Banana Unions of Latin America, and the award winning Buy American. She has published essays in the Washington Post, SF Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News and The Nation.