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The Long Road to Baghdad

The Long Road to Baghdad

A History of U.S. Foreign Policy from the 1970s to the Present
March 2010
Trade Paperback · 320 Pages
$18.95 U.S. · €13.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781595584762
The New Press


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A sweeping and authoritative narrative, The Long Road to Baghdad places the Iraq War in the context of U.S. foreign policy since Vietnam, casting the conflict as a chapter in a much broader story of American diplomatic and military moves in the region. Diplomatic historian Lloyd Gardner explains the Iraq War as the necessary outcome of a half-century of doomed U.S. policies. The Long Road to Baghdad is essential reading, with sobering implications for a positive resolution of the present quagmire.

About the Author

Lloyd C. Gardner is Research Professor of History at Rutgers University and the author and editor of more than a dozen books, including Three Kings and Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam both from The New Press. He lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania