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Writers on the Wonders of Geology
March 2006
Trade Paperback · 352 Pages
$24.95 U.S. · $32.50 CAN · €17.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781595340238
Trinity University Press


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Novelists, poets, artists, anthropologists, traditional elders, philosophers, and naturalists come together to create a geological portrait of the Earth — from the violence of earthquakes and erupting volcanoes to epochal patterns in stone and the sinuous flow of rivers. With insights from many cultures and across time, Bedrock wonderfully illuminates the geology of our home planet.

The book is organized into sections that deal with rock and stone; deep time; earthquakes and faults; volcanoes and eruptions; rivers to the sea; mountains and high¬lands; wind and desert; the flow of ice; and the life of the Earth. Insightful, penetrating, and provocative, the works are written from many positions — traditional and indigenous as well as Western scientific. Bedrock bridges specialized science and ordinary existence, providing a fascinating portrait of the forces that have shaped the Earth and giving readers a sense of the geologic experience encompassing their lives.

About the Authors

Edited by Lauret E. Savoy, Eldridge M. Moores, and Judith E. Moores
Contributor residences (city, state or country if outside the US or Canada): Savoy lives in Leverett, MA; Eldridge and Judith Moores live in Davis, CA.

Lauret Savoy is Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies at Mount Holyoke College and the author of geoscience research essays in environmental history, education, and human geography. She is the coeditor, with Allison Hawthorne Deming, of The Colors of Nature: Essays on Culture, Identity, and the Natural World (Milkweed, 2002); and the coauthor, with Gary Griggs and K. Patsch, of the updated edition of Living with the Changing Coast of California (University of California Press, forthcoming fall 2005; orig published by Duke University Press, 1985).

Eldridge Moores is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geology and author of several major books on geology. His research focuses on tectonics and structural geology from Greece to the Sierra Nevada. He was the subject of John McPhee’s book Assembling California.