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Fight Scenes

Fight Scenes

October 2008
Hardcover · 144 Pages
$20.00 U.S. · £13.99 U.K. · €14.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781593761295



In an intricately linked series of poetic, short tales set in a 1983 suburb, Greg Bottoms portrays his life as one of two “at-risk” boys as they attempt to learn how to be—and what it means to be—men. By turns funny, disquieting, and moving, Fight Scenes takes an unsparing look at juvenile disaffection and the dark side of white, working-class masculinity. By narrating his experiences with childhood buddy Mark, Bottoms shows how many of America’s young men learn to think about work, sex, weakness, violence, and themselves.
In a pared-down, highly readable style that brings to mind the work of Raymond Carver, Sherman Alexie, and Denis Johnson, Bottoms has created a work of literature that shows how even the most accepted forms of “toughness” can have a damaging, disorienting, and finally dehumanizing effect on everyone, especially kids.

About the Authors

Greg Bottoms is the author of three other books, including the critically acclaimed literary memoir Angelhead, one of Esquire's top nonfiction titles of 2000.

After a long career in design and publishing, David Powell began teaching Graphic Design at Plattsburgh State University of New York in 2001. He also serves as Art Director for the Saranac Review and Green Mountains Review.