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Somewhere in the Night

Somewhere in the Night

Film Noir and the American City
May 2006
Trade Paperback · 304 Pages
$16.00 U.S. · €11.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781593760977


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Starting with the classic Out of the Past, Christopher takes us on the grand tour of the great film noirs. With style and humor, he identifies the genre's central motif ? ?The city as labyrinth is key to entering the psychological and aesthetic framework of the film noir? ? and goes on to analyze more than three hundred films from 1940 to the present. Imbuing the language of film with the lyricism so praised in his novels, Christopher draws from his vast knowledge of literature to explore the genre's numerous influences. (Although it was a French critic who coined the term ?film noir,? Christopher argues that Americans had been shooting films in the genre years even before the term was invented.) Citing cultural, social, and historical influences from all over the world, he effortlessly guides us through the labyrinth.
This edition includes a new afterword and expanded filmography, making this bold and thoroughly researched book more relevant and comprehensive than ever.

About the Author

Nicholas Christopher is the author of the acclaimed novels Franklin Flyer, A Trip to the Stars, Veronica, and The Soloist and eight poetry collections, including Crossing the Equator: New and Selected Poems 1972–2004. He teaches at Columbia University and New York University and lives in New York City.