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Why the World’s Poorest Starve in and Age of Plenty
June 2010
Trade Paperback · 336 Pages
$16.99 U.S. · $19.99 CAN · £9.99 U.K. · €11.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781586488185


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For more than thirty years, humankind has known how to grow enough food to end chronic hunger worldwide. Yet in Africa, more than 9 million people every year die of hunger, malnutrition, and related diseases every year'most of them children. In this powerful investigative narrative, Wall Street Journal reporters Kilman & Thurow show exactly how, in the past few decades, Western policies conspired to keep Africa hungry and unable to feed itself. Enough is essential reading on a humanitarian issue of utmost urgency.

About the Authors

Roger Thurow has been a Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent for twenty years. Scott Kilman has been the Journal‘s leading agriculture reporter. Thurow and Kilman recently won the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award.