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The Longevity Revolution

The Longevity Revolution

The Benefits and Challenges of Living a Long Life
March 2010
Trade Paperback · 576 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · $25.00 CAN · £11.99 U.K. · €14.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781586486921


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Dr. Robert N. Butler coined the term ?ageism? and made ?Alzheimer?s? a familiar word. Now he brings his formidable knowledge to a recent and unprecedented achievement: the extension of human life expectancy by thirty years, and the growing number of people over age sixty-five.

Alarmingly, our society has not adapted to this change. In this urgent and ultimately optimistic book, Butler calls for us to reexamine our personal and societal approach to aging right now, so that the boomers and the generations that follow may have a financially secure and vigorous final chapter of life.

About the Author

Physician, gerontologist, psychiatrist, public servant, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Why Survive, Robert N. Butler, MD, was president and CEO of the International Longevity Center.