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Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints

January 2011
Trade Paperback · 96 Pages
$24.95 U.S. · $27.95 CAN · £16.99 U.K. · €17.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781582436371



Henry Evans (1918–1990) began making botanical prints in 1958, depicting some 1,400 subjects in 31 years. In that time, he was accorded more than 250 one-man shows in many countries around the world and in almost every state in the union. Admired by art lovers and naturalists alike, Henrys work reveals a style intriguingly personal and botanically faithful, unerring in its feeling for rhythm and design. Self-taught as a printer, botanist, and artist, he developed a unique style and technique. He drew directly from living subjects, and all subjects were portrayed life-size. He used linoleum as a printing surface and an 1852 Washington Hand Press to make the prints.
All of the work was done by hand. All of the materials that were used were of the best quality, and all of the editions were limited. Each linoleum-block print was numbered, dated, and signed by the artist. After printing, the blocks were destroyed. Botanical Prints presents a vast array of Evanss work and goes one step further by providing excerpts from the artists notebook, which illuminate not only the physical processes he used but also the brilliant mind that created both the prints and the prose.

About the Author

Henry Evans was a prolific illustrator and printmaker, focusing solely on botany.