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Trailer Girl and Other Stories

Trailer Girl and Other Stories

February 2001
Hardcover · 240 Pages
$28.95 U.S. · €20.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781582430850


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I talk like a lady who knows what she wants is how the vagrant begins her story in Trailer Girl. As she struggles to rescue what she says is a wild girl hiding in the gully, the neighbors become more certain than ever that the child is imaginary-until there's a murder. Stark and disturbing, Trailer Girl is the story of cycles of child abuse and the dream to escape them. In Psychic, a clairvoyant knows she's been hired by a murderer, in Leadership a tiny spaceship lands between a boy and his parents, in Venice, a woman performs the Heimlich maneuver on an ex-husband, then flees by gondola, and in White, a grandfather explains to his grandson how a family is like a collection of chicken parts. Frequently violent, always passionate, these often short short stories are full-strength, as strong and precise as poetry.