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Listen Up

Listen Up

Voices from the Next Feminist Generation
September 2001
Trade Paperback · 328 Pages
$16.95 U.S. · £9.99 U.K. · €11.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781580050548
Seal Press


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In this new, expanded edition of the acclaimed collection, writers and activists such as Rebecca Walker, Nomy Lamm, and Inga Muscio are joined by Lisa Miya-Jervis, publisher of Bitch; Alison Crews, editor of Girl-Mom; and Daisy Hernandez of Ms. Together, they cover a wide range of topics, from blending careers and feminist politics to the intersection of traditional culture and third-wave sensibilities.

About the Author

Barbara Findlen is managing editor of FamilyFun magazine. She lives in Amherst, MA.