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Jane Sexes It Up

Jane Sexes It Up

True Confessions of Feminist Desire
April 2002
Trade Paperback · 416 Pages
$18.00 U.S.
ISBN 9781568581804
Seal Press


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In Jane Sexes It Up, 20 young, progressive feminists reflect on the limitations they think are imposed by establishment feminism on their bodies and their behavior. In these essays, headed up by editor Merri Lisa Johnson’s “Generation X Does the Sex Wars,” the writers confess their seemingly antifeminist longings and question what role feminist ideals should play in women’s sexuality. In “Spanking and the Single Girl,” Chris Daley wonders whether it’s acceptable to play the submissive role in an S/M exchange. In “Vulvodynia — How Porn Made Me a Woman,” Katinka Hooijer reveals her affection for porn and the inner conflict her predilection inspires. Sex toy store owner Sarah Smith declares a “dildo revolution” — for women and men, gay and straight — in her essay of the same name. Whatever the angle, the authors all champion a sex-positive feminism.

About the Author

Merri Lisa Johnson teaches at the State University of West Georgia. While earning her Ph.D. in English, she worked as a stripper. She lives in Carrollton, GA.