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American Rebels

American Rebels

January 2004
Trade Paperback · 352 Pages
$16.95 U.S. · $20.95 CAN
ISBN 9781560255437
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American Rebels is an anthology of specially commissioned essays by leading American writers that attempt to reconcile authentic patriotism with original artistic creation, unpopular opinion, and real moral principles that don't change with the winds. It includes rebels in politics, education, journalism, religion, literature, film, sports, music, law, popular culture, and social struggle. These are real rebels against conformity, commercialism, racism, oligarchy, the bogus conventional wisdom, stacked decks, and sacred cows. The Americans celebrated don't fit under any one ideology or party. They are too free-spirited to be categorized, belonging to a continuum of conviction and creation in our tangled national history. Some, like Walt Whitman, Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, and Frank Sinatra, are famous. Others are less well known but have earned a broad appreciation; among them are Sam Fuller, Paul O'Dwyer, and Mike Harrington. Still others like Edward Abbey, Benjamin Mays, and Bill Hicks are almost cult figures—revered by a small, intense following. Others have faded from memory, like Margaret Sanger and Clarence Darrow, and deserve a new shaft of sunlight. This groundbreaking collection includes original essays by Pete Hamill, Stanley Crouch, Budd Schulberg, Danny Goldberg, J. Hoberman, Patricia Bosworth, Tom Hayden, Steve Earle, and others.

About the Author

Jack Newfield is a veteran New York political journalist. He was a columnist for the Village Voice, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. He is the author of the American Book Award–winning The Full Rudy.

Contributors for American Rebels:

Budd Schulberg on Joe Louis
Pete Hamill on Norman Mailer
Scott Sherman on Curtis Mayfield
Stanley Crouch on John Coltrane
Charles Bowden on H. T. Odum
Dan Wakefield on Norman Eddy
Danny Goldberg on Clarence Darrow
Ellen Chesler on Margaret Sanger
Gene Santoro on Bob Dylan
Geoffrey Cowan on Cliff and Virginia Durr
Gerri Hirschy on Aretha Franklin
Jim Hoberman on Sam Fuller
Jack Newfield on Murray Kempton
Jim Callaghan on Peter O’Dwyer
Joe Conason on Paul Wellstone
Judy Coburn on Fannie Lou Hamer
Lucius Shephard on Miles Davis
Mark Jacobson on Hank Williams
Maurice Isserman on Michael Harrington
Mickey Knox on John Garfield
Nat Hentoff on William O’Douglas
Nelson Lichenstein on Walter Reuther
Nicholas Pileggi on Mario Puzo
Patricia Bosworth on Bella Abzug
Paul Edelman on Cesar Chavez
Ray Robinson on Will Rogers
Richard Gambino on Walt Whitman
Roberta Gratz on Jane Jacobs
Roger Wilkins on Benjamin Mays
Sidney Zion on Frank Sinatra
Steve Earle on Woody Guthrie
Stuart Klawans on Frederick Wiseman
Terry Bissen on Edward Abbey
Terry Golway on Father Mychal Judge
Tom Gogola on Bill Hicks
Tom Hayden on Robert Moses
Victor Navasky on I. F. Stone
Wallace Matthews on Curt Flood
Wayne and Chris Barrett on Dorothy Day