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The Living is Easy

The Living is Easy

July 1995
Trade Paperback · 376 Pages
$16.95 U.S. · $20.50 CAN
ISBN 9781558611474
The Feminist Press at CUNY


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One of only a handful of novels published by black women during the forties, the story of ambitious Cleo Judson is a long-time cult classic. The Living Is Easy is delightfully wry and ironic humor—even bitchiness—of the novel coexists with a challenging moral and social complexity.

"A powerful work."—Essence

"Dorothy West is a brisk storyteller with an eye for ironic detail…a deft stylist and writer of social satire."—Ms.

"Long beloved for its wry and ironic humor, this novel continues to delight and challenge readers."—Feminist Bookstore News

* Alternate of the Book-of-the-Month and Quality Paperback Book Clubs *

Suggested for course use in:
African-American studies
20th-century U.S. literature