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Autobiographical Notes on Sexuality, Gender & Identity
May 2008
Trade Paperback · 240 Pages
$19.95 U.S.
ISBN 9781551522364
Arsenal Pulp Press


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Evocative of Patrick Califia-Rice and Kate Bornstein, this frank and personal collection of essays explores the politics of gender, identity, race, and queer sex imbued with the author’s own experiences. Terry Goldie delves into subjects that are both varied and explicit, including drag queens, feminism, cross-cultural sex, and the homosexual child, all with a perceptive and provocative eye, the result of which expands and deepens our understanding of the parameters and ramifi cations of queer sexuality, in all its forms.

Terry Goldie is the author of three previous books and is an English professor at York University in Toronto.

About the Author

Terry Goldie is the author of two previous non-fiction books, and the editor of the anthology In a Queer Country: Gay & Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2001). He is a professor of English at York University in Toronto, where he teaches Canadian and postcolonial literatures with particular interest in gay studies, literary theory, and cinema.