About the Book

Reproduce and Revolt

Reproduce and Revolt

May 2008
Trade Paperback · 224 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · £13.99 U.K. · €14.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780979663611
Soft Skull Press


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For everyone from eager politickers to the street art aficionado who knows there's more to the genre than just Banksy, Reproduce and Revolt collects the work of dozens of important political artists from around the world. Both a striking collection of images and a graphic toolbox for political activists, the book contains over 300 high-quality illustrations and graphics covering issues such as war, the environment, immigration, the media, feminism, queer liberation, antiauthoritarianism, and police brutality. Clear instructions help readers use the images to achieve maximum impact.

About the Authors

Josh MacPhee is a street artist, designer, curator, and activist. A street stenciler and poster maker for over a decade, he also runs a radical art distribution project, justseeds.org, as a way to develop and distribute t-shirts, posters, and stickers with revolutionary content. He organizes the Celebrate People’s History Poster Project, an ongoing poster series in which different artists create posters to document and remember moments in radical history. He also collectively organizes agit-prop cultural actions with ad-hoc groups of artists under various organizational names such as Department of Space and Land Reclamation and Street.Rec. His work has been profiled by publications such as Clamor Magazines, In These Times, Utne Magazine, and many others.

Favianna Rodriguez is an Oakland-based printmaker and institution builder,
Her dynamic political prints and posters tell a history of social justice,
capturing the daily sentiments of a people in daily struggle, to document
their efforts and celebrate their victories. Favianna’s work attempts to
reclaim public space – community centers, streets, billboards – and to
redefine that space through art, through youth workshops, and through the
establishment of collective cultural spaces. Favianna is co-Founder of the
EastSide Arts Alliance (ESAA), a third world collective of artists and
activists working to empower the Oakland community through art and culture.
She is also the co-owner of Tumi's, a multi-service technology and design firm. Implementing advanced graphic & web technologies with a social consciousness, Tumi's seeks to use multimedia to engender global communication between oppressed communities and to promote political technology and open forums of expression. In 2003, Favianna
co-founded the Taller Tupac Amaru, with the mission of producing and
distributing screenprinted political poster. With her signature energy and zeal, Favianna travels to share her inspirational work with others abroad. She frequently lectures in Tokyo and Mexico City about the role of art and culture in community building.