About the Book

Building Commons and Community

Building Commons and Community

February 2007
Hardcover · 376 Pages
$29.95 U.S. · $36.00 CAN
ISBN 9780976605478
New Village Press


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This lavishly illustrated landscape-format hardcover is the opus work of the late Karl Linn. In it he presents his philosophies and practical wisdom to help people create their own shared spaces. The book features photo-essay case studies from the last fifty years of Linn’s career. These are projects that cross boundaries between professional design and neighborhood activism—community gardens, playgrounds, and parks built by the people who use them.

About the Author

Karl Linn (1923–2005) was a beloved visionary leader in grassroots community building. He brought life to economically disenfranchised communities in nine American cities through innovative community design-and-build centers, playgrounds, gardens and community gathering places. Earlier careers include tenured professor, landscape architect, and psychoanalyst (co-founding a school for emotionally disturbed children).