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Chinese Writing Today
September 2000
Trade Paperback · 328 Pages
$14.95 U.S. · $18.00 CAN
ISBN 9780939010592
Zephyr Press


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Chinese Writing Today is an anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry, prose and essays taken from the literary journal Jintian (Today). Jintian has been the foremost voice of contemporary Chinese writing since its inception on "The Democracy Wall" in Beijing in 1978, and its subsequent reinvention in 1989. This is the third volume in the series and the first undertaken by a U.S. publisher. Authors include Bei Dao, Gao Er Tai, Yang Lian, and Zhu Wen—names that will only continue to grow in importance as Chinese literature expands the established Western canon. "This anthology is a window into the minds and lives of some of the world’s finest young writers."—Gary Snyder