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Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

A Biography
January 1993
Trade Paperback · 328 Pages
$17.95 U.S. · $21.50 CAN
ISBN 9780935312041
The Feminist Press at CUNY


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   Steeped in family correspondence, contemporary newspaper accounts, and Blackwell's own work, Elizabeth Cazden has written the first biography of the 19th-century feminist and first American woman to be ordained a Christian minister. Antoinette Brown Blackwell recreates her dramatic struggle to breach "the great wall of custom" and become a minister. Equally compelling is the story of her attempt to integrate both public and private lives; she agreed to marry Elizabeth Blackwell's brother Samuel on condition that she would continue her own professional work and he would share household responsibilities. Cazden follows Blackwell from her student days at Oberlin, through her feminist activity on the lecture circuit with Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony, and her marriage and rearing of five daughters.