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October 2011
Trade Paperback · 49 Pages
$13.95 U.S. · $15.50 CAN
ISBN 9780898232592
New Rivers Press


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"Mason accomplishes the seemingly impossible act of making the unraveling of marriage into a theater of luminous wisdom. In showing us how love itself is often insoluble even in the grieving for a past, she illuminates the complex process of reckoning and forgiveness."—David St. John

Both an ode and a nocturne, Dissolve is a love letter in all ways: to a relationship, to life, to sorrow, to hope, and to the moment in which all moments are embodied.

Dissolve, Holaday Mason's second collection of poetry, was a finalist for the Autumn House Press Prize and a semifinalist for the Backwater Press and the Tupelo Press awards. Mason is a clinical psychology therapist.

About the Author

Holiday Mason, resident of Venice CA, graduated from Antioch University with a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She is currently a therapist in private practice. Previously she has published another book of poetry, Towards the Forest.