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The Janissaries

The Janissaries

September 2006
Trade Paperback · 288 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · $24.00 CAN
ISBN 9780863567407
Saqi Books


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From the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, the janissaries were the scourge of Europe. Their ferocious spirit allowed their masters to extend their conquests from the Danube to the Euphrates. Their power was such that even sultans trembled.

But by the end of the eighteenth century, they were more interested in trade than war. Ill-disciplined and arrogant, both rulers and ruled turned against them. Yet their political power was so extensive it took years before they could be suppressed.

About the Author

Godfrey Goodwin taught art and architectural history at the University of the Bosphorus from 1957 to 1968 and is the author of several authoritative works, including Sinan: Ottoman Architecture and its Values Today, The Janissaries and The Private World of Ottoman Women, also published by Saqi Books.