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Turkey Decoded

Turkey Decoded

May 2008
Trade Paperback · 184 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · $21.95 CAN
ISBN 9780863566561
Saqi Books


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Ann Dismorr examines the implications of Turkey’s affiliation with Europe and its role in the Middle East against the broader concerns of the widening gap between the West and the Muslim world, terrorism, and the struggle for human rights and democratization.

Particular attention is paid to the reforms initiated by the “moderate Islamist” Justice and Development Party, and to the career and policies of current Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Ann Dismorr was the Swedish Ambassador in Turkey from 2001–2005. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, worked on the Middle East peace process, and served as an ambassador in Lebanon.

About the Author

Dismorr was the Swedish Ambassador in Turkey from 2001–5; she was a diplomat for twenty-five years with experience in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. She was Private Secretary to the Swedish Foreign Minister 1992–3 during the final stages of Sweden's EU accession. From 1995–9 she was human rights expert at the Swedish mission to the UN.