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Sociology of Globalization

Sociology of Globalization

Cultures, Economies, and Politics
July 2012
Trade Paperback · 384 Pages
$49.00 U.S. · $56.50 CAN · £32.99 U.K. · €34.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813346694
Westview Press


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A rich collection of diverse voices, Sociology of Globalization examines the processes of globalization as well as its impact on people around the world. It looks beyond the headlines, stereotypes, and hype and features a balanced selection of classic scholarship and theory, cutting-edge research, and engaging journalism. Key pieces from prominent scholars, journalists, and theorists will resonate with students, stretch the classroom into their daily lives, and give the study of globalization concrete meaning. Each of three sections—culture, economy, and politics—begins with an original introduction from the editor which familiarizes readers with essential themes and concepts and provides necessary context for the readings that follow. Useful resources for further research, including websites, films, and class exercises, are also provided to exemplify and add relevance to major topics. Accessible and expansive, this is the ideal primary reader or supplement for undergraduate courses on the sociology of globalization.

About the Author

Keri E. Iyall Smith is an assistant professor of sociology at Suffolk University in Boston. She has published articles on hybridity and world society, human rights, indigenous peoples, and teaching sociology, and she is former the vice-president of Sociologists Without Borders.