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The Social Dynamics of Family Violence

The Social Dynamics of Family Violence

1st Edition
March 2012
Trade Paperback · 432 Pages
$55.00 U.S. · $63.50 CAN · £36.99 U.K. · €42.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344638
Westview Press


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This compelling new text explores family violence throughout the life course, with special attention to the social character and institutional causes of family violence. From child abuse and neglect to intimate partner violence and elder abuse, Hattery and Smith ask students to consider how social inequality, especially gender inequality, contributes to tensions and explosive tendencies in family settings. Students learn about individual preventative measures and are also invited to question the justice of our current social structure, with implications for social policy and reorganization. Hattery and Smith pepper the text with evocative case studies from their own research and illuminating stories published in mainstream media. Unique coverage of same-sex couples and multicultural couples, as well as of theory and methods, make this text an essential element of any course considering the sociology of family violence.

About the Authors

Angela Hattery is a sociologist and the associate director of Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University. Her books include Intimate Partner Violence, Prisoner Reentry and Social Capital, Interracial Intimacies, and Interracial Relationships in the 21st Century. Earl Smith is professor of sociology and Rubin Distinguished Professor of American Ethnic Studies at Wake Forest University, where he is also the director of the American Ethnic Studies Program. His books include Sociology of Sport and Social Theory; Race, Sport and the American Dream; Prisoner Reentry and Social Capital; Interracial Intimacies; and Interracial Relationships in the 21st Century.