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The Sociology of Economic Life

The Sociology of Economic Life

3rd Edition
January 2011
Trade Paperback · 592 Pages
$65.00 U.S. · $75.00 CAN · £43.99 U.K. · €46.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344553
Westview Press


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In recent years, sociologists have taken up a fruitful examination of institutions such as capital, labor, and product markets; industrial organization; and stock exchanges. Compared to earlier traditions of economic sociology, recent work shows more interest in phenomena usually studied exclusively by economists while it challenges the adequacy of the neoclassical model.

In The Sociology of Economic Life, editors Mark Granovetter and Richard Swedberg incorporate classic and contemporary readings in economic sociology and related disciplines to provide students with a broad understanding of the many dimensions of economic life. A thorough and accessible introduction by the editors traces the history of thought in the field and assesses recent advances and future trends. The third edition is substantially revised and updated with eight new chapters, including original contributions from some of the field’s leading scholars that explain cutting-edge research and present the essential scholarship in the field.

About the Authors

Mark Granovetter is professor of sociology at Stanford University.

Richard Swedberg is professor of sociology at Cornell University.