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Comparing Asian Politics

Comparing Asian Politics

India, China, and Japan
July 2009
Trade Paperback · 400 Pages
$43.00 U.S. · $49.50 CAN · £28.99 U.K. · €30.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344140
Westview Press


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Comparing Asian Politics presents an invaluable comparative examination of politics and government in three Asian nations: India, China, and Japan. The author elucidates the links between politics and each nation?s distinctive cultural and historical contexts and demonstrates the intermingling and grafting of Asian traditions with the influence of Western values and institutions. National identity, political cohesion, and socioeconomic change emerge as central to how politics has developed in each nation-state. Including new focus boxes on political and social issues and other important countries in Asia, this third edition provides insight into topics such as the significance of constitutions in the political process; the parliamentary system in Asia; the regionalization of politics and the importance of levels of government; the decay of one-party rule; the links between development and democratization; and the impact of globalization. This essential book not only illuminates the politics of India, China, and Japan in relation to one another, it also suggests to readers how their own experience of politics can be informed by understanding the politics and government of these three Asian nations.

About the Author

Sue Ellen M. Charlton is professor of political science at Colorado State University where she teaches courses in comparative politics and international development.