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This Is Reggae Music

This Is Reggae Music

The Story of Jamaica’s Music
September 2001
Trade Paperback · 592 Pages
$17.00 U.S.
ISBN 9780802138286
Grove Press


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Jamaica is a small country in the Caribbean, 146 miles wide and populated by fewer than three million people. Nevertheless, it has exerted a more powerful hold on international popular music than any nation besides England and America. From Prince Buster to Burning Spear, Lee "Scratch" Perry to Yellowman, Bob Marley to Shabba Ranks, reggae music is one of the most dynamic and powerful musical forms of the twentieth century. And, as Lloyd Bradley shows in his deft, definitive, and always entertaining book, it is and always has been the people's music. Born in the sound systems of the Kingston slums, reggae was the first music poor Jamaicans could call their own, and as it spread throughout the world, it always remained fluid, challenging, and distinctly Jamaican. Based on six years of research — original interviews with most of reggae's key producers, musicians, and international players — and a lifelong enthusiasm for one of the most remarkable of the world's musics, This Is Reggae Music is the definitive history of reggae.

About the Author

Lloyd Bradley owned and operated the Dark Star sound system during the late seventies. For the last twenty years he has written for many magazines and newspapers, including NME, Black Music Magazine, Q, MOJO, and The Guardian.