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Villa and Zapata

Villa and Zapata

A History of the Mexican Revolution
August 2002
Trade Paperback · 496 Pages
$19.99 U.S.
ISBN 9780786710881
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Recounting the decade of bloody events that followed the eruption of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Villa and Zapata explores the regional, international, cultural, racial, and economic strife that made the rebels Francisco (Pancho) Villa and Emiliano Zapata legends. Throughout this volume drama colludes with history, in a tale of two social outlaws who became legendary national heroes, yet—despite their triumph and only meeting, in 1914, in the Mexican capital—failed to make common cause and ultimately fell victim to intrigues more treacherous than their own. 16 pages of black-and-white photographs bring this gripping narrative to life. "McLynn … tells it so well … you can hear the strains of he Mexican patriotic standard ‘Zacatecas' as you read it."—Austin American-Statesman "An admirably clear account of the chaos of revolution, its rivalries and bloody struggles…."—The Spectator "Informative and insightful … feels less like a history than a great story, as exciting as a Saturday serial Western."—Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Frank McLynn is the author of biographies of Carl Gustav Jung and Napoleon as well as a history of 1066. He is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Literature at Strathclyde University.