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The Boy Who Loved Windows

The Boy Who Loved Windows

Opening the Heart and Mind of a Child Threatened With Autism
September 2004
Trade Paperback · 320 Pages
$14.95 U.S. · $18.00 CAN · €10.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780738209661
Da Capo Press


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This enthralling memoir is the day-by-day story of how one little boy was saved from a path leading to autistic isolation. It is also a first-hand account of the new model of research and treatment pioneered by Stanley Greenspan, M.D. that makes this recovery possible for others. Walker, whom pediatricians worried would never walk, talk, or perhaps even hear or see, was lucky enough to be born to a family who would not accept defeat. Pat Stacey reveals the darkest fears, struggles, exhaustion, tiny victories, and eventual joys her family faced as they gradually brought Walker into full contact with the world.

About the Author

Patricia Stacey, a writer, college teacher, and former staff member of the Atlantic Monthly, lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.