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Animal Architects

Animal Architects

Building and the Evolution of Intelligence
March 2012
Trade Paperback · 336 Pages
$16.99 U.S. · $19.99 CAN · £11.99 U.K. · €11.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780465028382
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Animal Architects masterfully investigates how the structure an animal builds reveals the inner workings of its mind. Beginning with instinct and the simple homes of solitary insects, and progressing to conditioning, the ?cognitive map,? and the role of planning and insight, James and Carol Gould use the amazing engineering feats throughout the animal world to reach fascinating conclusions about animals? behavioral capabilities.

From two of the world's most distinguished experts in animal behavior, Animal Architects is a creative and accessible approach to understanding animal minds through the structures they build.

About the Authors

James L. Gould is Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University and one of the world's leading experts in animal behavior. His books include Ethology: The Mechanisms and Evolution of Behavior, the leading textbook on its subject; and the last three editions of William T. Keeton's Biological Science, one of the leading introductory textbooks of biology for undergraduates. With Carol Grant Gould he was written The Animal Mind and The Honey Bee, both considered classic books on animal behavior for lay audiences. They live in Princeton, New Jersey.