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America, Empire of Liberty

America, Empire of Liberty

A New History of the United States
July 2011
Trade Paperback · 592 Pages
$19.99 U.S. · $23.00 CAN · €15.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780465022144
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Thomas Jefferson envisioned the United States as a great "empire of liberty." In this single-volume history of the United States, David Reynolds takes Jefferson's phrase as a key to the American saga. He examines how the anti-empire of 1776 became the greatest superpower the world has seen and asks difficult questions about the cost of American greatness, from slavery to the War on Terror. Written with verve, insight, and humor, America, Empire of Liberty is a magisterial depiction of America in all its grandeur and contradictions.

About the Author

David Reynolds is a Professor of International History at Cambridge University and the author of eight books, including In Command of History, which was awarded the Wolfson Prize, and selected as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. He lives in Cambridge, England.