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American Manhood

American Manhood

Transformations in Masculinity From the Revolution To the Modern Era
May 1994
Trade Paperback · 396 Pages
$26.00 U.S. · $31.50 CAN · £17.99 U.K. · €18.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780465001699
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In the first comprehensive history of American manhood, E. Anthony Rotundo sweeps away the groundless assumptions and myths that inform the current fascination with men’s lives. Opposing the views of men’s movement leaders and best-selling authors who maintain that manliness is eternal and unchanging, Rotundo stresses that our concept of manhood is man-made and that, like any human invention, it has a history. American Manhood is a fascinating account of how our understanding of what it means to be a man has changed over time.

About the Author

E. Anthony Rotundo teaches history and develops programs on race and gender at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.