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Victory of the West

Victory of the West

The Great Christian-Muslim Clash at the Battle of Lepanto
April 2008
Trade Paperback · 464 Pages
$17.50 U.S. · $18.95 CAN · €12.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780306816185
Da Capo Press


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When the heavily manned fleet of the Ottoman Empire met the ships of a fragile coalition of Christian European states in 1571, the waters off the coast of Greece, they say, “ran red with blood.” It was a victory of the West-the first major victory of Europeans against the Ottoman Empire. In this compelling piece of narrative history, Niccolò Capponi describes the underlying clash of cultures and takes a fresh look at the bloody struggle between oared fighting galleys and determined men of faith. As a description of the age-old conflict between Christianity and Islam, it is a story which resonates today.

About the Author

Niccolò Capponi is an eminent military and Renaissance historian. He is a former fellow at the Medici Archive Project, and curator of the Capponi Archive. He lives in Florence, Italy.