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Fortress Third Reich

Fortress Third Reich

German Fortifications and Defense Systems in World War II
May 2007
Trade Paperback · 384 Pages
$24.00 U.S. · $28.00 CAN · £15.99 U.K. · €16.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780306815515
Da Capo Press


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The Atlantic Wall is perhaps the most famous of Germany’s World War II-era fortification lines in Europe, but Hitler built many others, from elaborate coastal defenses along the English Channel to the nearly impervious lines protecting the German homeland-the massive West Wall and the hurriedly built East Wall. Fortress Third Reich is the first and only comprehensive treatment of Germany’s World War II fortifications and the important Nazi defensive systems, such as the Reich’s highly feared air defense. The authors present an in-depth and detailed account of all German fortifications and defensive systems of World War II, supplemented by scores of remarkable technical drawings by Robert M. Jurga.

About the Authors

J.E. Kaufmann is the author of six books on fortifications. He and his wife, H.W. Kaufmann, live in San Antonio, Texas. H.W. Kaufmann is the wife of J.E. Kaufmann, the author of six books on fortifications. They live in San Antonio, Texas.