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The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector

The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector

2nd Edition
August 2011
Trade Paperback · 448 Pages
$54.00 U.S. · $62.50 CAN · £35.99 U.K. · €38.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344911
Westview Press


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The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector features the most insightful and influential readings on the nature and roles of the nonprofit sector. The book discusses everything from Andrew Carnegie’s turn-of-the-century philosophy of philanthropy to the most recent writings by current scholars and practitioners from a wide variety of perspectives and disciplines. Thorough, topical, and accessible, this is the ideal text for anyone wishing to learn about nonprofit organizations and management.

The second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to feature the latest scholarship on the nonprofit sector, including new essays that analyze its theory, history, and organization; rationales for its tax-exemption status; and theories of giving and philanthropy. Also new to this edition is a section on the international nonprofit sector. Each part opens with a framing essay that identifies central issues and provides an overview of sometimes competing points of view.

About the Authors

J. Steven Ott is a professor and center director at the University of Utah. He has served as a consultant to numerous nonprofit organizations, and has authored or edited many books and articles on the nonprofit sector.

Lisa A. Dicke is an associate professor at the University of North Texas. She serves on the Executive Council and on the Committee of the Nonprofit Management Education Section of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.