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Places of Encounter, Volume 1

Places of Encounter, Volume 1

Time, Place, and Connectivity in World History, Volume One: To 1600
March 2012
Trade Paperback · 280 Pages
$40.00 U.S. · $46.00 CAN · £26.99 U.K. · €28.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813347370
Westview Press


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Places of Encounter provides a place-based approach to world history, focusing on specific locations at critical moments when human history was transformed as a result of encounters—physical, political, cultural, intellectual, and religious. Original, contributed essays by leading academics in the field explore places from Hadar to Xi’an, Salvador to New York, and numerous other locations that have produced historical shockwaves and significant global impact throughout history. With a chronologically organized table of contents, each chapter dissects a particular moment in history, with personal commentary from each contributor, a narrative of the location’s historical significance at the time, and a section on significant global connections. Primary sources and discussion questions at the end of each chapter allow students a view into the lives of individuals of the time. Students will experience the narrative of historic individuals as well as modern scholars looking back over documentation to offer their own views of the past, providing students with the perfect opportunity to see how scholars form their own views about history.

This text can be purchased as two volumes, providing a breadth of information for survey courses in world history.

About the Authors

Aran MacKinnon is professor of history at the University of West Georgia. He is the author of An Introduction to Global Studies and The Making of South Africa: Culture and Politics. Elaine McClarnand MacKinnon is professor of history at the University of West Georgia. She is the editor and translator of Mass Uprisings in the USSR.